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Happy 25th Birthday Sonic!

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25 years ago today, SEGA introduced the world to a little blue hedgehog named Sonic. Since then the franchise has blown up into SEGA’s most successful franchise.



Sonic the Hedgehog was created to combat Nintendo’s Mario during the days of the console wars in the 90’s. While we never got a true winner from that great war, we did get some truly amazing games.
It has not always been sunshine and rainbows for the blue blur however. Sonic had gone through some pretty hard times after his last Dreamcast outing. His debut title on XBOX and some of the other titles that changed the core gameplay did not go over well with fans of the franchise.
Gamers fell in love with the hedgehog again with the release of Sonic Generations in 2011. He has since starred in another title called Sonic BOOM. While this title has not received the praises and accolades as previous titles, it show that SEGA is still willing to produce, and take a chance with, Sonic The Hedgehog.




What does the future hold for our favorite hedgehog? That is uncertain. What we do know is that for the last 25 years, Sonic has brought us some amazing games, cartoons, comics, and toys. I know that as long as gaming is around, so to will Sonic

Let’s all wish this chili dog eating, blue blur a very Happy Birthday by playing some of his games. Below are links some great Sonic The Hedgehog merchandise and digital content.

Sonic Games Collection – Head over to HumbleBundle.Com and pick up 19 titles on Steam today!

Sonic Comic Books – You like comics? Head over to Archie comics webstore to pick up some of his titles.

Amazon Celebrates Sonic – Check this link out for some awesome merchandise and details on how to win a $2,500 gift card to Amazon.com.

Sonic Cartoon – Check out this series on HULU when you beat the games today.


Don’s have a lot of cash to fork out? Check out this fan film by Blue Core Studios. Jaleel White even reprises his role as Sonic!



What are you doing to celebrate this anniversary? Let us know by commenting below!


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