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Jessica Jones Episode 2 Review

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Jessica Jones is the second in a series of 4 straight-to-Netflix shows that Marvel is producing.  The series premiered November 20th, and over the next few weeks we are going to review each episode in detail.  There will be no scores for each episode, so no need to scroll to the bottom to see if the Temple of Geek liked it.  Spoiler warning:  WE LOVED IT. That said…there is a disclaimer/warning that follows:

WARNING:  Some minor and some major spoilers will follow, as we analyze and scrutinize the episode for Easter eggs and other details, as well as the greater impact on the over-arching Marvel universe.  Still here?  Let’s begin our second review!

The episode picks up shortly after the events of episode 1, with Jones stuck in an interrogation room being questioned about the murder of Hope’s parents.  Her interrogation brings up an interesting detail that, up to this point, we weren’t aware of:  Jessica is following Cage…but to what end?  Jones is incredibly adept at lying, so pinpointing her motives for pretty much any behavior is virtually impossible.  Equally difficult: getting  a straight answer out of her…about anything.

We get a little more on the backstory of the mysterious woman “Reva”, who’s picture was found in Cage’s medicine cabinet.  Obviously Jones knows the woman, as she pours through newspaper clippings and photos of the woman on her desk.  While staring at the details of what you can only suspect is an open case she is working on, noise from upstairs leads Jessica to confront her neighbors Ruben and Robin…who…well let’s just say they have plenty to deal with on their own.

Here we’re introduced to Cage’s love life comes back to bite him, as Jessica at one point returns to Cage’s bar to find the aforementioned bar owner surrounded.  I really liked how easily Luke and Jessica as a team were able to handle the average person, nonchalantly blocking blows and allowing the random broken-bottle-neck-stab to pass through, further demonstrating how unbreakable Cage’s skin really is.  If that wasn’t enough, a skill-saw to the abs should do the trick.

JJ episode 2 jeri

Pictured:  Jessica’s happy face.  And her sad face.

Jessica continues her detective work as she tracks down the ambulance driver responsible for transporting Kilgrave after the bus accident (we only see the accident in flashbacks).  We soon learn that unfortunately, the poor ambulance driver was forced to relinquish his kidneys in to Kilgrave, all the while begging Jessica to kill him and put him out of his misery. Flashbacks of Jessica stumbling away as Kilgrave is hit by a bus offer plenty of questions, though we finally learn a way to nullify his powers.

Kilgrave continues his bid for best Marvel villain to date, and even when he isn’t present he leaves an unsettling impression.   Jessica’s journey home from the hospital is marked with his presence, as her eyes fix on the blood splatter still marking the wall and ceiling of her apartment elevator.  This episode we are given a view of him in the present, and we get first hand experience as to just how chilling he can be.  For the second time in as many episodes, I was shocked…this time as Kilgrave casually gains access to a home.  Kilgrave immediately orders the children into the closet where they urinate on themselves, as it pours out from under the closet door. David Tennant is perfect as Kilgrave, exhibiting the very definition of sociopath as he warns the homeowners preparing his dinner “…I have a very particular palate”.

In the realm of comic book tie-ins, it was good to see Trish’s mysterious bruises explained as we see her training to fight. Since she is based on the Hellcat from the comics, it will be interesting to see where they take her this season.  And with Jessica paying a visit to Metro-General Hospital, the workplace of Daredevil’s Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson, “Night Nurse”), more parallels are being made with Daredevil to tie these series together.

Another great episode, but what did you think?  Sound off in the comics!

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