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Jessica Jones Episode 3 Review

Jessica Jones is the second in a series of 4 straight-to-Netflix shows that Marvel is producing.  The series premiered November 20th, and over the next few weeks we are going to review each episode in detail.  There will be no scores for each episode, so no need to scroll to the bottom to see if the Temple of Geek liked it.  Spoiler warning:  WE LOVED IT. That said…there is a disclaimer/warning that follows:

WARNING:  Some minor and some major spoilers will follow, as we analyze and scrutinize the episode for Easter eggs and other details, as well as the greater impact on the over-arching Marvel universe.  Still here?  Let’s begin our second review!

Episode 3 continues the trend of adult themes, with sex, rape, murder, and drug addiction to name but a few of the topics briefly touched on this episode.  We also get a continuation of the relationship between Cage and Jones, though her guilt finally catches up with her.  Her self-loathing is second to none, as she condemns people for cowardice only to demonstrate cowardice of her own.  Jessica is so bitter as she comes across as inpatient to the point of being insufferable.  It’s obvious she doesn’t want to be bothered with emotions. Jessica’s guilt from her past sins effectively end her relationship with Cage, as she can’t escape her ghosts and forces herself to cut ties.  It appears she just won’t forgive herself for what the “devil” made her do.

An interview is set up between Trish and Hope, revealing the deeper history between Hope and Kilgrave.  Here we get details of Kilgrave’s control over Hope, detailing her feelings while being controlled, how his mind and thoughts mingled with her own, and that in the end it is Kilgrave who trumps your own desires, no matter how hard you fight.

We get to hear Kilgrave call in, after being, while Jeri’s plan to bring the other Kilgrave victims out of hiding is thwarted by Trish’s attack of Kilgrave over the radio.  It does accomplish making him angry, and our introduction to Simpson is followed by an attempt from Kilgrave to take Trish out.  This all leads to a retraction by Trish the following day to do the best possible damage control, hoping to appease the sinister Kilgrave.

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The episode concludes with Kilgrave narrowly escaping Jessica as she pursues Trish’s attacker, leading her to discover where he had been staying. In his room we find it covered in photographs of Jessica! Someone is following her and making sure he knows her every move! We also get a glimpse into just why she is so tormented by the photograph in Cage’s medicine cabinet…that incident will make for some awkward pillow talk.

Kilgrave seems to be the embodiment of hubris. If it serves his purpose, he will us it to his advantage.  Every whim, every desire, he takes for his own.  Even the Kingpin was somewhat relate-able in his desire to better his neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen.  the Kingpin seemed to mirror many of the characteristics of Matt Murdock, almost as if he was the other side of the Daredevil coin.   Kilgrave seems to share none of these redeemable qualities, and shares nothing with any of the previous Marvel villains.  In fact, I’d be willing to compare him to the Joker in his level of depravity.  In fact, I’d be willing to bet we’ve never seen anything like this particular villain, and it is incredibly entertaining!

Comic book Ties
1. A reference to the big green guy and his team is made by Cage

2. We get our first “Sweet Christmas” from Cage, a reference to his tag line from the comics.

3.  Keep your eye on Simpson…I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him.

All in all another exciting and entertaining episode! But what did you guys think?  Let us know in the comics!

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