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Lilith Dark Issue 1 of 4 Review

Can adventure lurk around every corner? The Lilith Dark Comic series is a four part comic series about a little girl with a taste for adventure. The four part comic series written by Charles C. Dowd has released two issues and is set to release two more.  This is the breakdown of the first issue of the Lilith Dark series.


Art Style:

    The art style is heavily reminiscent of a Dr.Suess book. The muted color scheme breaks away as a difference from Suess’s normal vibrant schemes. Something about this art style has such heavy influences in a feeling of a child’s imagination. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the influences of imagination, I could have done without a lot of the heavy shading. A muted color scheme is already in use in the art, so with the addition of the heavy shading it adds a weighty feel to the art.

Rating: 3 Stars


     This is a classic tale of childlike pretending turned reality. Because this is only a four part series the story does move very quickly. As soon as you’re introduced to the wild imagination of Lilith Dark it quickly becomes a reality. Quickly, she gets pulled into the world of monsters, or “beasties”, as Lilith refers to them. It’s a fun storyline although very fast paced.

Rating: 3.5 stars


       Overall this is a fun first issue of imaginative series. Furthermore Lilith is a brash child who gives us a taste of her imaginative fantasies. It is an interesting introduction to a cute series. I look forward to reading the rest of the series and seeing what is to come in this series.

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars

 To learn more about the Lilith Dark series or to find a comic store near you to purchase your own copy, visit https://www.alternacomics.com/.

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