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Cosplay in 2017: Predictions and Trends

As the first day of spring  has come and passed another season is announced, cosplay season.  Every year around this time cosplayers start to show off the costumes they’ve been grinding on for the past months. And every year we see cosplay trends explode! With six Marvel movies, two DC films, six Disney cult classics, and one Star Wars movie, 2017 is going to be jam packed with new cosplay trends. These are my predictions on what you will see in 2017 conventions.


Harley Quinn:

So, let’s be real, this prediction is a surprise to absolutely no one. Harley Quinn was beloved favorite of cosplayers everywhere even before the release of Suicide Squad. In Summer 2016 Squad style Harley Quinn Cosplays were popping up everywhere. Some cosplayers have already taken the movie look and replicated it exactly, others have put their own twist on something new. Although the fans of Harley Quinn have had mixed reaction to look in the movie, I guarantee the 2017 conventions will be flooded with white haired lipstick smeared cosplayers.



   Despite the Deadpool movie being a little over a year old, the new addition of the Dealpool 2 trailer has sparked a revival. Arguably who needs a Deadpool revival? I’m always amazed at the number of Deadpool cosplayers at conventions, but since the release of the deadpool movie the quality has gone way up. More and more talented cosplayers have been assembling well thought out cosplays of this prized character. I foresee 2017 to be another Deadpool packed year, this time with some class. Classy Deadpools.


Power Rangers:

        That’s right, they’re back. Power Rangers. With the release of the new Power Ranger movies aligning nearly perfect with the start of cosplay season, I predict to see a lot of group cosplays revolving around some impressive armor and masks. But watch out 90’s kids, these cosplays may not quite be the shiny spandex suits you remember. The new Power Ranger movie trailer features something that might be described as a little more battle ready than what you might remember from the classic original. So grab four of your friends and suit up for this cosplay.


Jyn Erso:

     I feel like every time Jyn Erso walks into the room There She Goes by The La’s should start playing. She is just too alluring of a character to not make this prediction list. Being the Fourth Star Wars leading lady there are high expectations, Jyn Erso brought all the spunk, fire, and hope that is desired in a Star Wars movies. Expect to see the cosplays of her range of an imperial uniform to her baggy scarf look. Whatever variation Jyn Erso will continue to steal our hearts, (and crush them).


Dr. Strange:

    Undoubtly Dr.Strange put a new spin on the classic Marvel Movie feel. He’s not your typical hero, so should you expect to see cosplayers developing costumes for him? The answer is yes. Benedict Cumberbatch stole our hearts and stole the show with his performance in this film. Because of this the way people relate to Dr.Strange is enhanced. As a result Doctor Strange cosplays will be a trend in the 2017 season.

Yuri and Viktor:

      Diving into the anime world for a moment, the next in my predictions is Yuri and Viktor. Yuri on Ice took the anime world by storm. This Ice skating tale may not be to all anime lovers taste, but is certainly is to quite a few. The first episode released October 6, 2016. Making Yuri on Ice a newcomer to the anime world. Already cosplays of these two have popped up everywhere. Expect to see these two at Conventions both anime related and not.

General Leia Organa:

      All hail our dearly departed space mom. Since the departure of Carrie Fisher in December 2016, the incredible tributes to someone who affected so many lives have soared. Don’t expect cosplays to be any different. Everyone who was affected by the Star Wars series remembers how Leia Organa effected their lives. I myself remember her when watching star wars for the first time. This year I predict that conventions are going to explode with cosplays from every Leia era. Whether it be the Ambassador who brought hope, The Princess who didn’t need saved, or the General that led the Rebellion. Space mom you will be dearly missed, and this year the cosplays will show just how much.

      These are my 2017 predictions and trends you’ll see on the rise.


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