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May the 4th – What To Do On Star Wars Day

May the 4th be with you is a slogan you probably heard many times today. You may be wondering why is everyone using this obviously awesome play on words? The short answer is that today is (unofficially) Star Wars Day!

Now, if you find yourself wanting to celebrate Star Wars Day and don’t know what to do, Temple of Geek is here to give you a couple of suggestions to make you one with the Force.

First off, why not watch the Star Wars saga? Disney and Lucas Film Limited just recently released all six of the Star Wars films for the first time ever in digital HD. This new collection includes new bonus extras. You can pick this collection up on all major digital video services for $89.99 for the saga or $19.99 for the individual movies. Go get this now if you haven’t already!

Star Wars - Joe Quesada Cover

Have a thirst for more adventures with Luke and Company? Check out the new run by Marvel Comics. Yes, Star Wars is back home at Marvel with all new adventures. This new series picks up right after the Battle of Yavin and the destruction of the Death Star. Witness Luke, Leia, Han, and the rest of the original cast take on Vader and the Emperor. Once you are caught up, check out the side stories of Darth Vader and Princess Leia. These issue can be purchased in print at your local comic book retailer or in digital format.

Steam Sale

I know, you want to get in there and live the action of the Star Wars universe. Well, you are in luck. Steam just released the classic PC games from the X-Wing Series. There are four games in this fantastic series by the former Lucas Arts. X-Wing the first in the series has you learning the ropes of becoming a pilot for the Rebel Alliance. Tie Fighter has you joining forces with the Empire and becoming a Tie pilot. X-Wing vs Tie Fighter and X-Wing Alliance are the last two games allowing you to pilot a wide range of vessels from the Star Wars Universe. These games are currently marked down 10%. They can be purchased individually for $8.99 or as a set for $26.99. This sale ends on May 7th. Go become the pilot you were destined to be!

Episode 12

Finally, at the end of this busy day, you can wind down and listen to the Temple of Geek: ToGCast! There are many episodes for you to listen to but since this is Star Wars day, let me recommend Episode 12. In this episodes the Geeks discuss their theories on the Force Awakens.

There is so much you can do to celebrate Star Wars day! Let us know how you spent your day by commenting below.

Danniel Slade

Slade started Temple of Geek in 2012 with his friend as a podcast. Since then, it has become a lot more. His obsessions are Transformers, Star Wars, Classic Video Games, Superheroes, and comedies. Slade's life was turned to the Darkside when his father gave him a gift in 1985. He was presented with the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron. Since then, Slade has become a collector of the robots in disguise. The only other thing that comes close to Slade's love of Transformers is Star Wars. He has met a few of the cast over the years. Slade's one goal in life is to meet with George Lucas and just discuss movies with him.