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Nintendo Classic: Buyers Beware of Price Gouging

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The Nintendo Classic game systems was released on November 11th 2016 in limited supply. Fans went crazy trying to get a hold of this elusive game system. Since Christmas is right around the corner, I am sure you are trying to find one for that special someone. Please do not pay more than retail for this system!

I know it is stressful trying to locate one and there are some tools out there to help. Websites like NowInStock.com track all the different online vendors that sell the Nintendo Classic system so that you can see the stock on one simple page. Don’t give up on finding one of these in the wild.  Nintendo has stated that they are working hard trying to meet with consumer demand as indicated in these tweets:


So why am I giving you all this information? I am trying to prevent you from going to sites like eBay and paying an outrageous price for this game system. Scalpers are trying to beat you to this system so they can put it up on auction sites. They turn around and sell it for 300% more than it is worth because it is a hot item. This forces inventory to run out of stores and forcing you to turn to them for the item.

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Please beware of these price gougers! This item is not a limited release and you will eventually find one. If you can’t find a Nintendo Classic and are willing to spend $200 – $300 dollars then why don’t you pick up a Nintendo Wii U or Nintendo 3DS for that special someone. I promise, they will get more enjoyment from those systems for the investment. But if you still want one as soon as possible, just keeping checking with your local and online retailers. They will eventually have some stock for you to purchase.

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