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No Laughing Matter

At the beginning of the episode, I was a little concerned we were going to see another boring origins story. Good kid, someone hurts his mommy, he goes wack job. Man oh man, the Gotham writers did not disappoint me though. When Gerome is being questioned in the beginning, he …

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The Flash 1×14 “Fallout” Recap

Another week, and another jam-packed Flash episode, and this weeks episode blew my mind. We had time-travel, Gorilla Grood, FIRESTORM, snowstorm, Barry’s mothers murder, Reverse Flash and the military, a few minutes into the episode with so many elements introduced I was worried it was going to feel cramped and …

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Casting Call: Aquaman

If there was ever a character that has been picked on, ridiculed and straight made fun of, was Aquaman.  This guy, and his background, has been revamped so many times, yet he still manages his way to stay afloat in comics today. From being someone who just “talks to the fishes”, …

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