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SDCC 2018 Artist Interview with Ryan Benjamin

Ryan Benjamin‘s “Brother’s Bond” is up for an Eisner Award this year, which is award to those for creative achievement in the comic book industry.  Think of this award as an equal to winning an Oscar or a Grammy for the comic industry.  You can also watch him take pen to paper on his Twitch channel, it’s a great exploration into the creative process as well as getting some valuable tips for up and coming artists.  Let’s catch up with Ryan and you can visit Ryan at booth EE-08 during SDCC 2018….


Anything you are personally excited for at this years SDCC?

Meeting fans and, of course, the Eisner Awards!

Any interesting commissions this year that you’re excited to work on?

My list is slowly growing. Out of the commissions I have so far, I am looking forward to drawing Batman and Batman who Laughs

Brother’s Bond was nominated for an Eisner at SDCC 2018 when will Brother’s Bond come back?

Definitely before SDCC. It will be released either the first or second weekend of July. Readers have been asking when we’re coming back for the past several months and I want to say ‘thank you’ to all of the readers for their patience.

What exclusives are you bringing to SDCC 2018?

I will have “Brothers Bond” shirts that I will be giving away with any quick sketch or commission (while supplies last)

What sets SDCC apart from other cons?

The sheer amount of people and the excitement and energy you feel from the con-goers. I’m able to interact with more people face-to-face. There’s definitely a bigger pop culture/celebrity presence at SDCC. So you can easily get a glimpse of your favorite actor from your favorite show or movie. The best perk about SDCC, personally, is that I am based out of San Diego so logistics are super easy since I don’t have to travel.

You also have a twitch channel, does that change how you do your work? Having to explain what you are doing to an audience, does it change the creative process?

If there is a difference, commissions take longer to finish while answering the questions viewers have for me. Other than that, the way I work and the creative process is the same. I really enjoy doing the livestreams and being able to interact with viewers.

What’s something in San Diego you look forward to that isn’t SDCC related? 

I’m lucky to call San Diego my home. Some things I like to do, when I can get away from the table, is to go on hikes, such as Torrey Pines or Cowles Mountain. Some good areas to eat are in Downtown and Convoy (10 minute drive from Downtown SD).

What’s a typical day like for you at SDCC? Is there a typical?

I try to get to the con an hour or two before the doors open. That way it gives me time to mentally prepare and to catch up on commissions. I’ll be on the floor most of the time unless I’m on a panel or I need to take a break. You can find me drawing or answering questions for people. If I have my head down at the table, don’t be afraid to interrupt me. I’m in the zone drawing so I”m not aware of everything that happens.

What’s one thing you are looking forward to at SDCC 2018?

Meeting people and drawing for them.

What’s next for you after SDCC 2018?

There’s a lot! I will be continuing on with the “Brothers Bond” series. I am also working on “Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars”. And I am also planning my annual trip to Japan at the end of the year to head out to the shows.

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