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SDCC 2018 Interview with Nanamation!

Nanamation also known as Nan Hockin is bringing her art and style to SDCC 2018.  Check out her latest works on Instagram and if you’re at SDCC stop by her booth at F-11…
Why did you wait until 2005 to show off your art?  And what finally made you decide to make that change?
Wow…that was such a long time ago, but if memory serves me right it was in 2005 I exhibited at my first comic show in San Francisco at APE (Alternative Press Expo). I wanted to save money, work on my artwork(get better at it), have a website up and get business cards. I wanted to make sure I had enough products for my first comic con show. Facebook was new, Twitter and Instagram didn’t exist, so getting your art out to the public wasn’t easy. I think I had a LiveJournal and a blog at the time. For that show, I remember I screened my own shirts too and printed all my prints from my own printer. APE was a success so I signed up for more shows after that.
Has becoming a mother changed what you draw?  Has it changed your art at all?
Not really. I still enjoy drawing my cute girls, but I feel like more than anything, my art has expanded to doing other things. I do these silly food drawings and I get the ideas from my family. For example, my oldest is a rice junkie and my youngest is a ramen junkie. It’s all they ask for and dim sum. So I have cute drawings around that. When I share these with people, I get a lot of parents telling me that their kids are they same way or they are ramen junkies themselves. I love that I can connect with people through my artwork. 
Being a mother, I don’t get much time to myself, so when I do get my own time – I DRAW and use up my time wisely.  My family and kids come first, but its also important that I have time for myself. I need to make sure also I take care of myself and have “me” time. It keeps me sane and it helps me be a better parent. It hasn’t changed what I draw, but that I am a lot more grateful for the time I get to draw.
This year at SDCC you’ve said you wanted to bring more originals, how’s that coming along any hints on what we can expect?
Its going great. I brought a bunch of originals last SDCC and I sold out. So last year I made a note myself to work on more originals. The reason I am doing more originals than prints is that when I collect art, I rather have an original than a print.  
This year I will have a lot more. I only brought three mini framed watercolor pieces last year and this year I’ll have a little over 20 mini framed originals. 
I have been exploring using different mediums so I’ll have artwork in watercolor, pastels, colored pencil, pens, inks and glitter. Yes…glitter. I love that stuff.
In 2017 you also wanted to make more watercolors because it felt more organic… can you explain the differences between watercolor and computer graphics for you?
Just something really different about holding a brush loaded with paint vs a mouse/pen stylus clicking on a color swatch. Especially with watercolor/inks when you make a mistake/accident on paper – you gotta work with it.  Sometimes that mistake/accident turns into something really beautiful. Where I feel like in computer graphics you got that undo button.  It makes everything precise and perfect. You have the option to go back, change it and perfect it. 
SDCC is so massive, do you enjoy the big cons or small cons?  Pros and cons of both?
I enjoy all cons- big and small.  
The bigger cons like SDCC is definitely a lot more work because its not just a weekend show.  I am basically working all week from getting there to the show, unloading/setting up, working/managing the booth, breaking down/packing up and getting home. Doing all that with help from one staff (my dear husband) and managing 2 crazy kids at the same time too. 
I do enjoy walking around at SDCC when I get the chance. I think at SDCC there are some great cosplayers wearing great costumes. My kids actually dress up and they love taking photos with people in costumes.  
The smaller cons, its definitely a little easier to walk around. It is a bit less stressful and easier to manage for sure. I can usually manage the show and work alone if I needed too. 
What sets SDCC apart from other cons? 
SDCC first of all is a not a weekend con. Its a Wednesday preview night and full days Thursday-Sunday. There is so much to see at SDCC that it gets overwhelming. You cannot see everything in one day at SDCC.  In fact I think its impossible to see everything at SDCC. 
As an artist what’s one thing you wish attendees understood about working a booth?
It’s a lot of work and I apologize if we all look like zombies. I seriously do need a week to recover from it. I really enjoy people enjoying my artwork. Also I apologize ahead of time if I forget your face/name. After going to so many cons – it all blends together and comes a blur. But I do enjoy talking to everyone and appreciate the conversations.  
What’s one thing you are looking forward to at SDCC 2018?
I would say talking to people. I been going to SDCC since 2007(with a few missed years) but I love reconnecting with people and meeting new people. I really enjoy sharing my artwork and stories.
What’s next for you after SDCC 2018?
After SDCC, I plan to do a few more local shows and I also start thinking what I want to do for my 2019 shows.  As an artist, I always want to improve and get better so in between my shows I practice and create new art of course.
Now that I have kids, I have to pick and choose which shows I want to go too. Its not a ton and I can’t do much as I use to before, but that’s OK for me. I found a good balance for now and that keeps me happy.

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