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Staff Picks… The Joker

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What are your initial thoughts on a Joker origin movie? 


Stacy Bishop:  I think it’s more terrible than putting nipples on the Batsuit. The Joker and Boba Fett are mysterious and their backstory couldn’t be nearly as interesting as the mystery left by not knowing. I think it’s a terrible, terrible, terrible mistake. Also, terrible.

Josie Price: I think it could be interesting further pursuing the backstory of such a classic character. However, with DC’s track record, I have little to no faith in their ability to do said movie justice.

Matthew Wells:  I always liked the idea that the Joker was created by “one bad day.” This was done really well in “The Killing Joke” story (print), and fit into the idea that the Joker was someone who basically created his own reality whenever he needed/wanted. Giving him a concrete background kind of robs him of some of that and demystifies the character (a lot like the James Howlett/Wolverine origin). There’s always potential to make it good, but I have my doubts that all the needed elements can come together for a good DC movie like that.

Brian Lazarow:  Honestly the Killing Joke comic handled the Joker’s backstory best by making it, in the supervillain’s own words, “multiple choice.” Giving a solid backstory of what definitely happened goes against the Joker’s theme of chaos. I hope the movie will be an anthology of stories on how the Joker might have come to be.

Dave Hisaka:  I don’t like it and I think it’ll be horrible.  At least on the movie side I like the mysteriousness of the Joker and an origin film sort of ruins that.  Also, I have no faith in DC movies.

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