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Temple Of Geek Chic: Hero Within

Hero Within offers a sophisticated line of geeky clothing for men. The best part about being a geek is celebrating your fandoms with passion, getting your geek on and finding that which empowers you and makes you feel like a super hero! Hero Within definitely lets you express that!

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Villain or Hero? Flashpoint Analysis

Do you like this post?When a reader thinks of comics they typically think of everything in black and white. Good and bad. Hero and Villain. But when a “hero” starts making morally questionable choices, does it not make them the villain of the story? The Flash completely disregards others safety …

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Casting Call: The Batman

The Batman

Do you like this post?“Batman? Batman? Can someone tell me what kind of a world we live in where a man dressed as a bat, gets all of my press?”  A great quote from Jack Nicholson‘s Joker from Batman (1989) but could it be any more true? Yes, yes. Batman …

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Warner Bros + Comic Con = ALL THE TRAILERS

Do you like this post?It’s Day 3 of  2016 San Diego Comic Con International and the Warner Bros. Pictures just hit us with a bunch of amazing movie trailers. CHECK IT OUT!!!!! Wonder Woman This trailer has just blown me away! I mean Wonder Woman looks amazing and strong and just …

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