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Temple of Geek Chic: Fun Suits From Fun.Com

Temple Of Geek Chic is back this week with some really great stuff from Fun.com. They have come out with a line of clothing known as Fun Suits! Super Hero themed suits! They have suits celebrating Doctor Who, Marvel, and DC! And, no, we are not talking about the kind of suits super heroes actually wear, we are talking about suits YOU can actually wear! Suits you can wear out on a date or to work! We took three pieces from their DC Comics collection and put them to the geek test. We had one of our favorite cosplayers, Krystina Arielle, style the DC Comics Women’s Modern Print Boyfriend Blazer with both the DC Comics Women’s Vintage Print Trousers and Pencil Skirt.

Initial Thoughts

Right away the two things we noticed were, one, this is your everyday women’s style suit. It is a classic look and design that is always in style. Second, THE PRINT! Wow! We love these prints. The three pieces are all lined with DC Comic prints! We imagine this is what having a secret identity feels like! All business on the outside but all super hero on the inside. It is a subtle way to carry your love for your fandom into your everyday life.

The lining on the pencil skirt was really interesting to us. It is lined like a slip. From the top of the skirt to the bottom of the skirt is this amazing print. Makes us wish that this skirt was reversible! Seems like a waste to hide such an amazing print. But then again, that is what makes this skirt so great! It is the subtle nod to your fandom and the chance to sneak some super hero into our daily lives. The print is known as the DC Comics Vintage Print. This print also appears in the lining of the trousers and on the DC Comics Women’s One-Button Blazer. We especially liked that the print is covered in strong female characters from the DC universe. Characters like Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Supergirl and Wonder Woman are there helping us feel our most fierce! The solid black blazer, trousers and pencil skirts are staples of a well rounded wardrobe. Making this a super justifiable purchase! It’s not something that will sit around in your closet unworn.

The pink boyfriend blazer was a perfect shade of pink. The soft pastel tones are feminine and soft. It is versatile enough that it can worn casually with a pair of jeans. The inside of the blazer and the inside of the pocket flaps are lined with a Modern DC super hero print that includes characters like Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash and more.

Fit and Comfort

All three items are light weight and comfortable. They hang well and are cut nicely. These type of cuts look good on a variety of different body shapes and sizes. They do not give a lot of stretch, so knowing your measurements is important before ordering to get the best fit. Depending on your length size, the pants may need to be taken in at the bottom. The pants felt like they ran a tiny bit small. But the blazer and skirt fit pretty true to size. We recommend customers check the size chart on each item before ordering. Most items are available up to size 18, but some sizes are selling out faster than others.

Overall Thoughts

These suits are exactly what they are named, FUN SUITS! They are a fun way to wear your geek. Fun to run around in! The design, comfort and style make it all well worth the asking price.

What did our model think?

I thought the suit was really comfortable and stylish. I really love the versatility that comes with having the pink suit jacket. It gives you so much room for style mashups. – Krystina Arielle

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Make Up by: Bonnie Ayala @bonnieeliz_

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