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ToG at the Con – The Hot Con 2016

What does Claudia Wells, Sean Schemmel, Jim Cummings and Hacksaw Jim Duggan all have in common? They were in attendance at the Heart of Texas Comic Con in Waco this past weekend! They also happen to be from some of my favorite shows and movies from my childhood. This convention had a little bit of everything for everyone.

Temple of Geek was in attendance on Saturday and Sunday taking pictures and interviewing guests. The convention was bigger and better this year. We were able to interview Jason Burkart and Claudia Wells. You can watch those interviews below. When watching, look for some great video bombing action by both.


We attended panels of Jim Cummings, Claudia Wells, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and Jason Burkhart. We learned a lot from the panels and gained a better appreciation for their crafts. We did not get to see Sean Schemmel’s panel due to him running late because of illness.

The Cosplay was every bit of amazing this year. There were costumes from every fandom you can think of. I mean, check out this amazing Kuzco from Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove!


The vendors had merchandise galore! I picked up a print from the legendary Allen Bellman and he was kind enough to pose for a picture with me. We ran into our friends at Seelig’s Art. We learned that they are going to be at the Dallas Fan Expo this year in June. If you haven’t stopped by, you should really check them out. They are great people!

The Heart of Texas Comic Con always puts on great shows and this one was no different. I really appreciate the staff who tried to help us out anyway we needed. They are putting on another show September 10th and 11th in Waco Texas. If you are looking for something fun to do in the Central Texas area, you should totally check them out. I also want to say thanks for using our walk-through video on their site! Check out the pics from the convention below.

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