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Avengers: Infinity War Review

Do you like this post?“Thanos demands your review.” You know what this movie is! We don’t need any fancy introduction. You came here to find out if Marvel is handling this massive cross-over well, and I’m here to tell you. Now, I warn you, some things may be considered spoilers. …

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Ready Player One Review

Do you like this post?  “Review the Oasis!” A love letter to the 1980s, Ready Player One is one of the most anticipated movies this year thanks to Steven Spielberg taking the director’s chair of this adaptation of the book of the same name by Ernest Cline. The book has …

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The Dark Tower Review

Do you like this post?  I do not review with my hand. He who reviews with his hand has forgotten the face of his father… Based on Stephen King’s bestselling series of books with the same title, The Dark Tower is the most recent science-fantasy movie seeking to establish a …

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Review: Mother Russia #1 From Alterna Comics

Do you like this post?Review: Mother Russia #1 From Alterna Comics If your into the whole zombie/horror/post apocalyptic story lines such as myself. Then you will be delightfully satisfied in Mother Russia #1 from Alterna Comics. First off we have the story and art by Jeff Mccomsey. This book is …

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REVIEW: Scrimshaw #1 from Alterna Comics

Do you like this post?Alterna Comics has been showing up in my social media feeds, recently, and I’ve been looking forward to reviewing a couple of the titles that grabbed my attention. Let’s take a look at Scrimshaw #1 from Eric Borden (creator & writer) and Dave Mims (artist & …

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Till We Meet Again – A Review

Do you like this post?It took me forever to finally watch this film, but I am so glad that I did. Till We Meet Again is a poignant, independent drama directed by Bank Tangiaitrong. This film focuses on a disenchanted millennial couple and the separate paths they follow during a quest to …

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Marvel’s Dr. Strange Review

Do you like this post?We’re taking a somewhat different approach on this review with ToG reviewers Trey and myself both taking a stab at Marvel’s most recent release, Dr. Strange! Enjoy! Stacy:  Dr. Strange is the 14th movie in the MCU continuity, and what a divergence from the typical experience …

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American Horror Story: Roanoke, Chapter One


Do you like this post?  ****SPOILER ALERT**** PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE TO READ UNLESS YOU HAVE WATCHED THE MOST RECENT EPISODE OF AMERICAN HORROR STORY:  ROANOKE, CHAPTER ONE   YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED     Months of teaser trailers that led us off the trail. Cast interviews were non-existent. We …

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