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A Question, or Five, After Deadpool 2

Do you like this post?Question, I have a few questions!!! Warning, this article contains full spoilers for Deadpool 2, if you haven’t seen it yet in theaters go watch it and then come back to this article. I’m serious!!! Don’t ruin this movie for yourself, do yourself a favor and …

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Deadpool 2 Non- Spoiler Review

Do you like this post?Your favorite mercenary who won’t shut up is back in his all new sequel! Ladies and gentlemen, Deadpool 2 is now in theaters!!! Yes, friends, the much anticipated Deadpool 2 is back with more humor, more violence and more fourth wall breaking as Ryan Reynolds returns …

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5 Deadpool Cosplays You Need To See Right Now

Do you like this post?Happy cosplay Friday! The countdown has begun. Deadpool 2 is less than a week away from releasing. Since the release of the long anticipated Deadpool movie in 2016, fans have been eagerly anticipating the next film. Currently, Infinity War left Marvel fans gasping. Will Deadpool 2 …

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Avengers: Infinity Wars Memes & Tweets!

Do you like this post?BEWARE! SPOILERS BELOW!!!! The memes, tweets and discussions for Avengers: Infinity War are everywhere. These memes will both make you laugh and make you cry. Some may even provoke deep thoughts and fan theories! Fan Reaction Posts: I need emotional support #InfinityWar pic.twitter.com/ZbJXzhZdRe — 𝒘𝒊𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒅 𝑴𝒊𝒛 …

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New Teen Titans GO! Trailer!

Do you like this post?The New Teen Titans Go! movie trailer is out and this adorable little trailer is really packing a punch! Most notably the way it makes fun of itself and all the internet hate that the reboot of the animated series on Cartoon network has received. Watch …

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Avengers: Infinity War Review

Do you like this post?“Thanos demands your review.” You know what this movie is! We don’t need any fancy introduction. You came here to find out if Marvel is handling this massive cross-over well, and I’m here to tell you. Now, I warn you, some things may be considered spoilers. …

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